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During WW1, Blackburn was given the job of converting and providing aircraft for the Royal Navy. One of the most famous planes to be converted was the Cuckoo, becoming the first plane to carry torpedo gear able of carrying standard whitehead torpedoes. The final year of the war brought Blackburn a contract for the design of a brand new torpedo plane able to operate from aircraft carriers, firmly establishing the company’s reputation within the Royal Navy.

Acquisition of
Brough Site

In 1916 Robert Blackburn created a new factory on the northern bank of the River Humber, at Brough in the East Riding of Yorkshire. By acquiring the Cirrus-Hermes company in 1937, Blackburn started producing aircraft engines, the Blackburn Cirrus range.

Extensive Building Program
Starts at Brough 

The loss of Roundhay Park in Leeds as a flight testing area brought the closure of the Olympia headquarters, transferring all of the company’s activities to Brough over a four year period. Brough became the headquarters for Blackburn,  offering everything the company needed, including the River Humber providing  excellent facilities for launching water borne aircraft.

Robert Blackburn Steps Down
As Managing Director

By the early 1950’s Robert Blackburn had been in active control of his company for over forty years, guiding its affairs through two equally difficult war periods. In his last speech during the Company’s Annual Meeting on 25th August 1955, he announces a new fleet of aircraft was to be made, later to be named the Buccaneer. Unfortunately, Blackburn didn't survive to see the Buccaneer fly. 



The Home
of The Hawk 

In the late 1960’s, Blackburn, now known as Brough, become involved with the build and development of the Hawk.  With many of the other factories involved closing down, Brough took on more & more responsibility, until eventually, they were able to lay claim to the title ‘Home of the Hawk’. Using a Rolls Royce engine, the Hawk became one of the most successful planes to ever pass through the Brough factories.

The Community 

Over the years many changes have taken place at the Brough factory. The company’s achievements have depended first and last upon its people, having played a great part of the Blackburn and Brough history. 
Now a division of BAE, it has been a central part within the Brough community since its inception in 1928. Contributing to not only the local workforce, but also to civic affairs, including educational liaison, sponsorship donations and charity functions.  BAE continue to play a large part in the community to this day.